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We have/have not found a way past the economic calculation debate?

January 20th, 2016 · No Comments

The debate is a stalemate because it is based on theories themselves wrong, as with Lange’s use of neo-classical economics…Empirical evidence shows that a bureaucratic despotism as a planned economy was able to work, maintain a large population and industrialize Russia. That baselevel is the bottom line on a planet at risk.
We could certainly do better now, and manage to bring it off, we suspect.
Market socialism on the other hand has never really been refuted.

One thing is sure, capitalist ideology is so compelling the entire capitalist class can’t react to climate catastrophe and have sold us down the river (e.g. Exxon) even as they knew the danger. The ‘profits in the now’/damn the future is a defect of capitalism as calamitous as any fallacy pointed to by Mises…

The only conclusion is that a capitalist/socialist hybrid muddling through to a neo-communism has not been ruled out…

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