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Toward a reinstated secular critique of Islam…

January 21st, 2016 · No Comments

The war on terror is a crime against Islamic civilization so grotesque that it threatens to destroy our conception of modernity itself. And that perception is actually stalling the secularization of Islamic cultures.
Let me simply express an opinion as an outsider but global citizen that the best self-defense is to assist in the debriefing of Islamic religion, history, and civilization on the way to a new future beyond the ‘secular’ threshold, which isn’t a secular humanist ideology. It is not the neo-con new atheist gambit. Secularism isn’t atheism vs theism.
Critique can be very treacherous, so I immediately throw the issue back to moslems themselves. And the reality here I suspect is that the Islamic world was ready long ago to secularize (or more exactly already secularized in the main over much of the Islamic spectrum) and is stuck in a strange retrograde motion (as the covert agency promotion of ISIS makes obvious). Consider the state of Iran up to 1953: a modern nationstate thrown into chaos by newly minted CIA Operation Ajax: The Story of the CIA Coup that Remade the Middle East

The best self-defense is to defend the real modernity against those who, as with the US gangsters, have destroyed it.

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