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Communism and the foreground of ‘market socialist’ hacks

January 24th, 2016 · No Comments

http://www.redfortyeight.com/2016/01/24/why-market-socialism-is-a-viable-alternative-to-neoliberalism-british-politics-and-policy-at-lse/: market-socialism-is-a-viable-alternative-to-neoliberalism

The issue of market socialism is very contentious and confused, and it can be a trap: a kind of by-the-book communism (with Marx’s plain vanilla stance on ‘market socialisms’) is the real guiding thought. But we have no real options there, yet, while versions of market socialism can be viable in the now. Witness Sanders (who is not a socialist, or market socialist, but, oh well).

The economic calculation debate has been surveyed here. After taking one hit, all the books of enthusiastic socialist promotion suddenly look a bit hot-airish, but then the root idea recovers handily.
We are no longer in the realm of utopian thinking but of economic reconstruction given the failure/failing endgame of capitalism. A paper model of market socialism isn’t necessary. A series of ad hoc measures can resolve the complexities, if only we had the political potential to do anything.
That’s why the hard route of revolutionary communism seems the only path in the end. We need a national brand and an international brand or strategy.
We must not give up the way the marxists seem to have given up. We have lost a generation and maybe the ball game by letting neo-liberalism gain absolute power. We must start somewhere and start over with the something that represents a change of habits.
In any case, a slow but steady path will accelerate. It is the start that is hard and the current leftist/marxists groups can’t seem to do anything. The OWS stole what mojo they had left, and the OWS is not a viable long term resolution.

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