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Marxism defunct?

January 24th, 2016 · No Comments

At a time of social crisis it is almost beyond belief to watch marxists standing on the sidelines paralyzed by the confusions of their own subject. The worst of it is that they stand in the way of innovation. Their views contain the core of what is needed, but its wrapper is obsolete now and that core can’t be extracted by anyone else.

I think that my suggestion to consider the macro model in WHEE at history and evolution.com, which has been ignored and would be denounced if it ever got any publicity, provides a way out. The proud must suffer downfall and the arrogant but very intelligent Marx has suffered this downfall and he stands now as the great obstacle to a neo-communist initiative. The problem really is his followers and the dogmas of his legacy. The problem could be solved fairly easily but the frozen character of the cadre is beyond communication. These people won’t even talk to outsiders.

Be that as it may, WHEE and its model make the following suggestions:

world history shows a clear non-random pattern
this pattern is a meta-narrative of freedom par excellence
the model shows how discrete/continuous logic can explicate directionality (teleology, but the end is in the future and open to free action)
it tends to expose the economic theories of history as too simplistic: economy does not drive history
that makes historical materialism a too ambitious theory
the ‘macro model’ can create a viable narrative for the issues of social evolution/revolution and clearly illustrates the dynamics of revolution….

there is a lot more, but these cadres, and their academic bastions are beyond any clarity here. What to do?

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