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New age venality goes market mainstream….

January 29th, 2016 · 1 Comment

Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is: a For-Profit Meditation Studio Opens in New York

It is easy to get into moral indignation with this kind of commercialization of new age spirituality, but the real threshold here was crossed by new agers themselves, long ago. The new age movement has always been commercial, from the start, and this even goes back to the seminal change created by a figure like Gurdjieff who was one of those who started the trend toward Big Bucks guruism. The world of Osho Rajneesh is hardly exempt.

Despite all this the trend toward mindfulness commercialized will prove destructive, in fact, does so on the spot. The first step is wrong, not in the money, but in the premise behind the plundered term ‘meditation’. Te be sure ‘mindfulness’ is a distinct term: anyone who wishes to use this ‘technique’ to change mental states—who is to gainsay this? But it is not likely meditation, not at all. But, to be fair, even buddhists make the mistake made here of using meditation to serve a very lowful change of states..

We can sermonize all we want here, but it is probably not even necessary: after one discovers that meditation won’t do as advertised, despite the hyped benefits to be gained, the whole vein will either fade away or settle into a lesser niche of its own.

But anyone seriously interested in meditation has to adopt a ferocious stance and take drastic measures. The classic yogis and buddhists renounced the world. Until you come to that point, these downtown brands are as pointless as they are silly, save as a parody/warning to the spiritual litter created by new agers themselves.

It is important to warn and counsel the suckers: this isn’t meditation. They are vulnerable and can be confused for life… a real spiritual path is allergic to social existence, what to say of capitalist markets.

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