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Our debt to the future needs to be paid now…nullity of the Iphone diddlers…

January 31st, 2016 · No Comments


We are in the midst of destroying the future of those who will come after us, with no recourse or appeal to our recklessness, and on the left we see inertia, cowardice, and the cultic conformity of long since defunct radical associations. We owe to that future something better than hand-wringing, gandhian sanctity, conferences, and hopes that protest lite will change the system of power in place.

The situation was analyzed clearly in the early nineteenth century in the prophecies of the future and endgame of capitalism, and the revolutionary was remedy delineated.

We can admired and support the Sanders initiative: it has revolutionized our perceptions of neo-liberal givens. But our situation is anomalous: we cannot use democracy to pursue our realizations, as above, because we don’t have a democracy. We can’t quite hope to change the system, because the electoral system is defunct. We have lost a generation to the gangs of righteous leftists who have served to make the situation worse, by feeding the illusion of doing something.

The rest of this speech can be ‘fill in the blanks’, but the gist is that the payment of the debt may cost your life, if you care to act. We should be wary lest at the end we will have to owe our lives in a sacrifice to move the immovable totalitarian system coming into existence.

In any case, it is almost stupid to simply mouth leftist cliches at this point. The time was recently short. Now time is up. Our task is not reform of the American government, although pursuit of that goal would be germane to a larger effort. But the larger effort is beyond nations. It is a tough situation, and the capitalist world has already moved to the level of the global.

In any case, we should respect the Sanders campaign for showing us that there is a large phalanx of those ready for action. We should be ready in that context for the beginnings of the larger effort.
It is an eerie situation. The entire political campaign has gone by and the issue of climate change was never discussed. We can rest our case there. WE can expect nothing from politicians or the governments they claim to run. A close study of 9/11 conspiracies should show us that the situation is much much worse than we realize: the US dot.gov is an ongoing criminal enterprise and the war on Terror, and the pursuit of war in that context is an organized criminal enterprise.
We can expect to redress to calamity, therefore, from such governments.

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