History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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How to get out of the Darwin rut, stat…

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The question of evolution stalks the left and will stand in the way of any political/revolutionary movement. Given the legacy the temptation is to simply move with the old and conform to the establishment darwinism that has been exposed dozens of times but which is enforced by the powerful institutions of science.
The marxist record shows the clear evidence that Marx’s early impressions of darwinism were critical, despite the later embrace by marxists, and Marx himself perhaps.
But the reality must be faced that darwinism is a flawed theory, that half the Bible Belt understands this better than scientists (unless they are lying), and that the subtle social darwinism of Darwin’s theory (routinely blamed on Spencer) is a disgrace on the left. Further, the bloody legacy of class warfare using darwin’s theory is one aspect of the failure of the Bolshevik revolution.

Leftists need a way to stand out of the paradigm, something decisive, but simple, that doesn’t get into religious issues, but which may stand out of the foundationalism of scientism. Not hard! The material in WHEE, as in the link above, gives a whole series of exit points, without trying to promote a ‘rival theory’. Theories of evolution, we must increasingly suspect, haven’t been properly assessed by science as we know it now, and the reason is the issue of teleology.

We can see in Kant a clear attempt to clarify the limits of scientism, and in his wake the foundations for a science of evolution emerged in the teleomechanists, but this work was simply abandoned by the onset of darwinism.

The use of WHEE is to see at close range a phenomenon that has the formal properties of ‘evolution’ in what is probably a close relative of the genetic evolution of life.

This material can be used for a minimal set of assertions about evolution: history shows us a non-random pattern associated with a developmental sequence. We can invoke such an example to demur from the dogmatic and completely unproven claims of darwinists. And we see the need to observe at close range because ‘real evolution’ can happen so fast that we wouldn’t observe it in deep time.

If leftists are stuck here or attached to darwinism they should at least be familiar with the dangers of dogmatism. They assume cynically that they can simply lie as usual after the manner of the last century of biologists. No good any more.

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