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Red Fortyeight Group: ideas for a political formation

February 3rd, 2016 · No Comments


The left needs a super-radical neo-communist foundation movement that can also be an umbrella movement for a ragged populist SD/SC/NC (social democratic, socialist, new communist) generalized movement with its own Menshevik/Bolshevik unity/division. A look at the Second Internationale shows how a creative movement attracts its own future. Therefore….
I think that the older marxist groups would in theory do the job, but in practice are already ‘second hand goods’. A new fresh look is needed. The test for this is not having to answer for the classic politico combo’s here. They are history

We have suggested a starter group: the Universal Class with merged actions toward working class ‘wake up’ movements, petty-bourgeois, middle class, class A/B/etc, and even bourgeois class sectors and unifications…A populist movement with communes, labor actions, software and public domain actions, religious/ secular subsectors with aggressive replacements for buddhism, xtianity, and even possibly an action to deal with Islam/sufism…Actions re: confucianism/taoism. In a word the RFG can sublate beyond the Axial Age transition formations with a new supra-secular perspective, without completely muddling the classic starting point of the post-Hegelian materialists (we have suggested a feint toward classic Samkhya to show how to produce a new Rolls Royce dialectical materialism).

The period of Lenin’s emergence, even if we consider that era too problematical now, contains the ‘dialectic’ of Menshevik/Bolshevik ‘combustion’ that fueled the world’s first abortive communism. We must repudiate that legacy, but it conceals nonetheless a lot we can appropriate without legacy worship or dogmatic religious fixation.

A first start is a national/internationale program framework, and a set of populist starter issues, plus an awareness that the framework must be larger than, say the American economy, with automatic group inclusion of …the Coltan miners of the Congo…etc…

Such a group is also on the way to creating a new man, slowly but steadily studying such a supercomplex question with a liberated postdarwinian evolutionary perspective…

Jobs, education, cultural associations, etc…

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