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Requiem for an american phony…who’s Chomsky working for?

February 4th, 2016 · No Comments


The public promotion of Chomsky is so thick it gets suspicious. But OK, it is to be expected with a celebrity. But Chomksy has completely confused a whole generation of activists, and made attempts to correct the situation very difficult as those who see through him are ostracized.

It is hard to grasp how anyone with Chomsky’s ability to sift facts and uncover ideological deception could have been so wrong on two or more issues of great moment: the assassination of JFK, and the the 9/11 conspiracy. It is hard to grasp how this came about. Starting in the period when I.F.Stone was active, and who loudly denounced JFK conspiracy theories, Chomsky, perhaps subject to some influence thus in this period, has had an idee fixe about conspiracy theories. It should have become obvious finally that some reckoning with these theories was inevitable. With 9/11 the horror of the hidden facts is great, and it should have been one of Chomsky’s tasks to deal with this. Instead we got his stupid and useless book on 9/11 and the decade plus of too proud to admit he is wrong bullshit in public….

Fuck you, Chomsky. I don’t like being sacrifice for your stupid lies and idiocy, celebrity fart…

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