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Jeb Bush and his mom…are you kidding me? perhaps this touching duet is ignorant of their family’s criminal history….what was Bush senior’s relation to JFK assassination

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Family of Secrets

I thought we had driven a stake through the heart of this vampire, but apparently it still lives…

did the deeply flawed George W. Bush ascend to the highest office in
the nation, what forces abetted his rise, and-perhaps most
important-have those forces really been vanquished by Obama’s election?
Award-winning investigative journalist Russ Baker gives us the answers
in Family of Secrets, a compelling and startling new take on the
Bush dynasty and the shadowy elite that has quietly steered the American
republic for the past half century and more. Baker shows how this
network of figures in intelligence, the military, oil, and finance
enabled-and in turn benefited handsomely from-the Bushes’ perch at the
highest levels of government. As Baker reveals, this deeply entrenched
elite remains in power regardless of who sits in the Oval Office. Family of Secrets offers
countless disclosures that challenge the conventional accounts of such
central events as the JFK assassination and Watergate. It includes an
inside account of George W.’s cynical religious conversion and the
untold real background to the disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina.
Baker’s narrative is gripping, sobering, and deeply sourced. It will
change the way we understand not

just the Bush years, but a half century
of postwar history-and the present.

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