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Sanders is a moment in a lifetime, but since he won’t denounce Israel I won’t vote for him….what a disappointment

February 6th, 2016 · No Comments

The question of Israel is almost baffling. How/why did a people so given to ethical reflection end up being the bad guys of Nietzschean Zionism, the ‘smart’ thugs of geopolitical nihilism posing as victims next to ancestors from the Holocaust?

Whatever the answer, Americans must find a way to unravel the hidden fascist control of their degenerating democracy, the victim since the time of Truman of covert agency psychopathy and the parallel onset (especially since 1967) of the outright geopolitical fascism of the Israelis.

Modern Israel is a failed state, a rogue state, a con job based on Old Testament history, which is a fraud produced by religious primitives of ancient Canaan, a form of Jehovah idolatry that has resurfaced from the grave to haunt modern political horror based on atomic weapons. This chauvinistic ‘religion’ of an exclusive tribal entity based on spiritual propaganda and invasive warfare spawned a form of monotheism so grotesque it warped the whole subsequent history of theism, and compromised on the most noxious issue of pagan religion, animal sacrifice. The material generated allowed latecomers such as the Christians to offer a partial course correction, abolishing animal sacrifice at least, and creating a universal religion, but ending with two religions where clearly one was intended, and the resulting cultural chauvinism based on the spiritual propaganda of the chosen people. The result was two thousand years of religious insanity, followed a terrible stab in the back the moment frustrated Christians let their guard down by putting a stop to antisemitism.
Note: the issue of animal sacrifice is very dangerous: those who delayed its abolition at the start suffered its demonic outcome at the conclusion…(or so we suspect of this occult unknowability)
This primitive fantasy, on the verge of benign dissolution in secular age, was actually revived by the proto-neo-con zionist gangsters (Nietzschean nihilists with no belief whatever in god, and able to strike a deal with nazis no less) to create an apartheid state that has used the leverage of ten million jewish idiots in the US to control American politics, destroy its democracy, and …
make figures like Sanders illiberal and unwitting peddlers of Jewish supremacism in the name of american liberals desperate for dose of socialism and too often without the help from people like Sanders (who are nonetheless under suspicion after so much leftist failure of being plants, witting or unwitting…)
These views are not antisemitic, but a protest at the hidden Zionist gangsters who have seized control of the otherwise vexed judaic tradition…
So long Sanders, it was nice…I certainly hope you get elected, but in a way it would corrupt the idea of socialism, to compromise on the Israel question…

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