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Israelis, ‘best injuns dead injuns’ , ditto the Palestine ethnicide: the bogus biblical claim to Israel…and the destruction of equality

February 7th, 2016 · No Comments


The whole Israel legacy is a fraud: jews never had the slightest right to the territory of Israel as ‘their’ homeland. That was always pure bullshit, and it is time to take on the other group responsible for this destructive and dangerous legacy: Xtians. The whole of the Old Testament is a pile of spiritual shit at this point, and can’t be the basis for a religion of the future. The world of Israel might have made sense as a refuge when all peoples in the middle east could share equally in a multiracial democracy. But the Israelist succumbed to the worst kind of temptation and we joined in this by the most stupid of the american fundamentalists, people the Israelis hold in contempt but who they exploit to buttress their criminal appropriation of other people’s territory.
Israel entered the space of the American karma that lives in the wake of the genocide of the Indians…Israelis need this complicity to exploit americans for their money and guilty support…

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