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Americans are perpetrating a global tragedy…

February 8th, 2016 · No Comments

Americans are perpetrating a global tragedy: their economic dysfunction is nonetheless a potent mix that is fueling an immense amount of carbon disaster and environmental damage, and yet its population lives in a cocoon of imaginary fantasy, between Hollywood and Iphones, cars, and plastic, plastic, hogging the resources of a whole planet, yet with a pathological politics that can’t even mention the issue of climate change, let alone take action. Are Americans simply stupid? It is at least clear they have been rendered stupid: consider the candidates for the Republican party. They come off as morons, but this must be a fix, because they are dupes and fronts for non-public and very cunning capitalists who need them to be stupid.

It is important to wake up from the ‘Great American Fantasy’ to start considering a reality that doesn’t square with nationalistic politics any more: the real proletariat is outsourced and has no rights, while even the ‘working class’ in the US has been reduced, next to the middle class, to the general level of cretinhood.

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