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The barrenness of Christianity as a source of ‘political science’ or democratic fundamentals

February 10th, 2016 · No Comments

As per previous post, ‘hell’ is real, but it isn’t the one in Christianity/Islam.

We should note that such language implies the need for ‘spiritual government’, but what is that? That wasn’t implied either. Neither religious nor secular cultures are proving able to maintain honest government.

Here, in any case, the stance of conservative religious Christians needs equal challenge: they speak in such haughty tones, but the record is poor indeed: the Christian tradition doesn’t show any periods of ‘good government’ in the modern sense. Monarchy, deliberate class formations, and then nothing. Through the entire period from 0 AD to 1500’s when a new process gets underway. It does work through the Reformation churches briefly, but then the whole process ditches Christianity. The Reformation begins the ferment that leads to revolution, and we see an actual proto-communist reformation church with Thomas Munzer and there is a lot of ‘Christian’ revolutionary thinking in the English Civil War. But in our model this is under the rubric of the macro period and isn’t really ‘christian’ in the legacy sense. Christianity is starting to abolish itself in another elusive revolution. In any case there is no classic record from the period of the Roman empire genesis of any real contribution of Christians to modern democratic politics. So the diatribes of Bible Belt preachers are hopelessly misled.

But the left should be wary of going to an opposite extreme: the marxist canon got unlucky and navigated into scientism, and we see the allergic prejudice of Marx himself to Ethics and even philosophical subjectivity as ‘idealism’. That wasn’t the right approach either. Here Kant tried to rescue science from scientism, but his labors seem in vain, especially after the clever ‘demon’ Nietzsche produced a ‘how to be a demon’ kit for secular retards, the famous ‘last men’, so-called. But Nietzsche better represents the type.

In any case, the modern conservative Christians show absolutely no awareness of the problems of Machiavellian government and eagerly endorse all its worst aspects…
The myths of ‘hell’ arise in the action of angelic powers to create prisons for sin, but the reality is unknown, and not mythological. Tyrants, also, at all scales create dungeons, and truly scropholous political devils just might end up in a million dungeon wrought in angelic wrath.

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