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Imagining the Red Fortyeight Group as a neo-communist party

February 13th, 2016 · No Comments


We have been pursuing this theme here at length in the wake of my Last and First Men and the renewing interest and focus on socialism as with the campaign of Sanders which is going to lead inexorably to the same for some version of communism. But this is going to be problematical, and probably stall out.

The framework of the Second Internationale holds the key, but only as long as it is not taken as is: historical materialism, the dialectic, marxist scientism, the botched theories of Capital, etc, need to move to the background restated as a kind of brochure introduction to a contemporary discussion of marginalist economics, and the economics of a future socialism/communism. The debates over the nature of markets can’t be ignored.
The question of the proletariat is a source of confusion on the left. We have suggested in LFM that a larger focus be on the ‘Universal Class’ as a superset of the proletariat and all other classes. Waiting for the Great Proletarian Revolution isn’t going to work.

There are many ways to revive marxism for a new generation. But this generation no longer thinks in terms of the archaic positivism of the marxists. A new generation finds Marx to be speaking in a foreign language, amidst the ceaseless propaganda against him, and for markets.

Take a look at any one of the marxist websites: they are stuck in the nineteenth century. We have concocted a successor to the ‘communist party’: the Red Fortyeight Group as a neo-communist party.

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