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In your face, the Lenin spectre, gasp

February 15th, 2016 · 1 Comment


I doubt if anyone was shocked, but they should have been: discussing Lenin is strong evidence of…throwing up one’s hands at American politics. The citizens of this republic are going to get their ass kicked, sooner or later. Unfortunately the people who dosed that treatment to Iraq and Afghanistan made sure they got it first. But it is a prophecy, perhaps.

This sentiment springs from realizing the American election sequence this year is so nutty that I am no longer able to relate to American politics, although I do watch the developments on Cable News. But the latter fails to dose the soporific with any sense the American system has become grotesque, and is a candidate for Civil War, that however being unlikely is such a crypto-totalitarian system.
Strange to say, Donald Trump is the only one who realizes what happened on 9/11.

The issue of Lenin biographies is apt, despite the unreality of the Russian Revolution now in those conditioned by capitalist/American domination. And his context is remote in the sense that Russia was out of the mainstream of liberal states.

But it does raise the question of 1. insuperable power, overcome 2. dysfunctional states entering the threshold of civil war. American’s first world war could prove to be the climate crisis, or, if that is evaded, the crisis of capitalist globalization linked to American imperialism. These analogs may not work, so the key issue that most don’t see is the corruption of American politics. All the main parties are criminals, in the context of the 9/11 monstrosity. Strangely the left can’t deal with this, a puzzle in itself. A new left is going to explode on the scene, emboldened by the realization of what Sanders has demonstrated: a lot of closet socialists. Not necessarily ready for a full revolution, but…

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