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Go ahead, Donald, make america great again: here’s how

February 18th, 2016 · No Comments


Since Donald NTD is smart enough to be a 9/11 truther, or close (check out the YouTube videos for a quick clarification), he could make his campaign to make america great again an expose of the conspiracy of criminal actions centered around the Bush presidency (what place the feckless idiot Bush himself must have had is unclear, but he was clearly connected if only as an inert pawn who would keep his mouth shut) and this could lead to a general congressional enquiry, and possible criminal indictment of the perps still alive.
It is unclear just who is in the know here: Obama?

We have to suspect that the deep state may only be partly known even to most key politicians…

But I fear NTD, realizing what’s afoot, kneejerks into coverup mode like all the other politicians, and those horrid brutes in the State Department, connected or not to the false-flaggies in the ‘deep state’…
Once exposed, the CIA level mafia secretly controlling the dot.gov could be flushed out and prosecuted. To make America great again, i.e. back around the Second World War era, could be hatched with the closing of the CIA, and tearing down Langley. American ceased to be great in the fifties when that idiot Truman OK’d the Intelligence Agencies, up to then not yet a factor in the american system…

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