History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Xtianity was far more violent than Islam, no picinic: the Reformation cost a century plus of internecine war: we can do the Munzerian church of communism is no time at all…as a virtual church…

February 21st, 2016 · No Comments

It is probably a mistake to talk of an Islamic reformation: there is a much simpler method: snapping out of it: de-identifying as a form of ‘meditation’ breaking the hypnosis. the outer form remains, but would no doubt start to change under the influence of a state of non-mechanical consciousness.

The Xtian church as current deserves to be dismantled: it is a fraud, a superstition, and a coopted system controlled by capitalist Bullshit Inc, to keep Xmas idiots in line. Best to walk away from it: sooner or later the Reformation will resume to violently discard it.
An xtian church of Munzerian can be a tangible transition church, but it can also be a virtual idea and even more of a challenge than a reified version. The idea is that the fate of Xtianity is to assist the transition to postcapitalism.
That need not require a century of religious war, as in the sixteenth century…Step one is to expose the current churches as demonic horrors…

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