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Israel, the gangster state…

February 24th, 2016 · No Comments

We are a long way from the Israelites of the Old Testament. The puzzle of the demonic transformation of modern Israel is hard to grasp, and entirely sad, but it has also metathesized into socio-political calamity for all the peoples of the Middle East, and a tragedy for American politics. It is beyond that a puzzle: how did the people who produced a world religion turn into such a gang of ‘bad guys’? Part of the problem is the failure to grasp the way the modern world changed gears and voided in some fashion all claims on Middle Eastern terrain on the part of its ancient inhabitants still around in modern times.

We should be tolerant to some degree given the even more incomprehensible enigma of the Holocaust. But the Jewish reaction to create an apartheid state in the middle east frittered away the goodwill of those who confronted that fascist legacy.
The seeds of malevolent Zionism were born however in the nineteenth century, and the result was entangled in a kind of Machiavellian pathology that has created out of Israel a completely hopeless mess.
Jews are determined to persist in this false creation ad infinitum, but the rest of the world is thus condemned to attempting to overcome this failure, ad infinitum.
Some kind of resolution is needed, quite obviously.

A crucial point needs to be clear: jews have no inherent right to an ancient ‘homeland’. the biblical account was, in any case, so close to mythology it is almost void as literature, let alone geopolitical precedent…

A series of solutions are possible: let me recommend recovery of the left perspective of many early Israelis: make Israel a postcapitalist state, and a federation of socialist republics of the Middle East….

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