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Beyond Islam: from Caliphate fantasy to global revolution

February 25th, 2016 · No Comments

The world of Islam is stuck in the past. Islam as a religion is dead. Its core is penetrated by a mafia of sufistic exploiters. The whole system is preyed on by the American imperialistic/economic machine and their covert agencies (with Israel at the core). Groups such as Isis, probably however creations of Mossad/CIA, exhibit a monster version of revolutionary energy, but directed to the wrong result: a new Caliphate. That is a stupid formulation, although it could be reworked around a communist/ reinvented sharia ‘Reformation’ that could direct that energy to revolutionary renewal as a form of Arab socialism.
In any case, the critique of Islamophobia needs an additional perspective: the need to wake up to the coming secular future either within or beyond Islam. Most of all the Islamic world needs to free itself of American fascism. But not in order to sleep in the past: a resurgent middle east must organize to participate in a global revolution, the fantasy of a Caliphate being derisory.
The fascist regime of the Israelis can then be faced…
Face reality: Islam competes with Christianity for last place as religions with some intelligence. Noone is under any obligation to submit to its now archaic medievalist canon. Attempts confusing religion and revolutionary futurism will always fail, leaving the field to American/Israeli gangster regimes. An updated modernist ideology of revolution would turn the tables in these elements in short order. American fascism suffers the Napoleonic fallacy: that conqueror bragged his conquests would spread the tide of modernity. He was soon gone. And so with the American juggernaut which confuses so many traditionalists as the exemplar of modernity, no such thing.

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