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Red Fortyeight group: moving to revolutionary action

February 25th, 2016 · No Comments

We need more than a New Deal packaged with socialist innuendoes: we probably won’t get even that. And yet the planet is on the brink. In fifty years over fifty percent of the planet will be suffering massive heat waves, increasing sectors uninhabitable, starting in the middle east, probably…. Our immediate descendants will look back and wonder at the way our complacent Iphone-idiot culture diddled in the name of stupid entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs as Rome began to really burn, with the zero chance an american president could deal with this situation, even assuming we can elect one who can speak in public about climate change. We have Sanders now, but he is almost silent about climate.

Sit back and consider the stupidity of current politics: american democracy is dead. We have precedent from the founding fathers what to do.
This is the situation prophesied by the early communists, and the codification by Marx set the standard. But that codification seems out of date now. Marx, despite denials by his fan club, could not truly address the issue of ecology. And his economic theories are more chewed over doggie bones that adequate formulations for the current crisis.
He was not clear about the type of new economy needed. But marxists, if they can break old habits can form a core group: breaking old habits, adopting a viable new ideology, open to something better than reductionist scientism, historical materialism: a new language to speak to the global culture with an updated economic critque.
Marx is fine as background, unless he is too controversial for a culture so deadbeat as the current.
Current marxist groups are frauds: they can’t even discuss the issues at hand, repeating sterile jargon.
We need a crash program for a neo-communism. It can present Marx as the Old Testament prophet for the New Testament of a program leading to postcapitaism. If it is not communist it is likely to be a fraud: the social democracy racket recycled.
Endless diatribes about how socialism doesn’t work can be faced with a grim fiat: capitalism failed. Tough shit for capitalism. Over and out.

Such a platform needs to be revolutionary
propose the abolition of private property at the threshold level of industrial capital
leave in place a semi-anarchic below-threshold indifference level of culture as is subject to strong regulatory limits
but with possible ‘commune’ level socio-economic assemblies
possibly leaving some aspects of agriculture below the indifference level
operate with a separation of powers between economic and governmental powers
create a communist party with transient military/emergency powers and with elite member renunciation: i.e. platonic guardian style property renunciation
abolition or full restructuring of covert agencies/restriction of totalitarian outcomes
a full bill of rights designed around limits to economic rights…
a robust populist foundation
this refers to guerilla war: perhaps from the global periphery to the core, or at the core to the periphery…this begins with those who know they are dead….

etc…: we are failing to grasp the consequences of our still too comfortable existence, but the crunch is coming, and the fascists are organizing, even as we speak…

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