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Heil Heidegger

February 29th, 2016 · No Comments

This is from a website created by Fukuyama. After Last and First Men I claim the end of history question ‘re-solved once and for all’ re-solved once and for all, but not all are convinced, and here is a engaging new reactionary complot and problem ‘unsolved’ with Heidegger, the curious Dugin, and the Putinite Russia along with Iran. There is a lot to consider here, because the fascists are regrouping, and ominous interaction with Iranian mullahs evokes my nervous speculations at The Gurdjieff Con about occult fascists, the mucking about by such as Dugin in the lore of Aleister Crowley looking almost like caught in the act.

I confess to a nervous gasp at the start of the American electoral cycle: the curious symmetry of Sanders and Trump had the nervous smell of ‘magical equilibrium’ in action in someone’s scheme. Dismissed as crazy by myself, I let the idea pass, but this essay raises the issue all over again. Iran is a hotbed of some very powerful arch-conservative sufis, villainous postmodernists, and second guessers at the end of history, fallen Gandalfs, or so basic smell suggests, but, nope, it is all fantasm…But in any case the game board reflects the issues of occult fascism so obscurely referenced for the era of the late nineteenth century, when figures like Gurdjieff, Blavatsky, Crowley, and, yes, Heidegger, suddenly appeared in synchrony (we can lay no charges against these dupes, caught up as effects rather than causes in the magical op) to the calamity of Nazism, charged over and over again with some hidden occult scheme. So these phantasms of the period of Dugin et al is either backwash, or….?
The left tried to rescue Heidegger…for the left, but the result seems to have backfired. Heidegger is a curious puzzle, and so is Nietzsche, but both are little more, to be quite dismissive, rascal boys disturbing the dull monotony of a class by the master Kant. That’s a clue to decipherment, perhaps. The attempt to use Heidegger to critique modernity is the same old same old postmodernist gambit and it is tired at this point. Iran would do well to cast aside postmodern fancies of the mullahs and consider their incipient democracy was undone in 1953 by the incipient fascism of the degenerating American democracy, so-called. Berating the modern age with Heideggerian sophistications isn’t going to do it.

But it is remarkable to track the spoor of these fascists, Dugin, Putin connection, Iranian connections, crackpot magicians, and lurking in the deep background, the real Lords of the Ring, maybe Shangri La esoteric buddhists, or maybe not.

Poor Heidegger. Is there no way he can be rescued for the left?

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