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Perhaps the current election is the swan song on the failure of America democracy…

March 1st, 2016 · No Comments

The idea of neo-communism needs some fresh thinking, fresh thinkers, and fresh air. The original idea in the early nineteenth century had nothing to do with the outcomes it got stuck with. Because of that we are ignoring the red light warnings that have switched on about the capitalist obsession in place, which is proceeding toward catastrophe. In a way bolshevism was an anomaly: it arose in the context of WWI, and started with a coup d’etat, not a proletarian revolution. I won’t second guess Lenin except to say the whole effort of bolshevism went down the drainpipe, a huge waste and a totally misleading portrait claiming the term communism. So Lenin isn’t truly relevant (but I’d study him closely anyway). And Russia was a misleading starting point. Russia barely had a modern transition and simply replicated Tsarist tyranny in a worse form. The fate suffered by the idea of communism couldn’t have been worse.

We need to consider that, contra Fukuyama, but without failing to consider his point, communism is a variant of the democratic idea, but will not be ‘popular’ until the time is ripe: that time is coming, or is here: the planet is starting to disintegrate, so the life of America Graffiti is beginning to pall. Bees will soon be extinct and I find that incredible. There was no excuse for the failure of capitalism to issue feedback to account for this. Markets don’t work, period. There, the capitalists don’t deserve democracy: they deserve police level force to stop their depradation. But the larger majority do deserve democracy, even as the system is forced to take over markets. The bolsheviks ended up rewarding the ‘bourgeoisie’ with state power, controlled industry, and the indignity of punishing the proletariat for the sins of the bourgeoisie.
A new paradigm and a new set of formations of the Universal Class can bring to the idea the energy that now goes into activist groups, like OWS, Green groups, etc…

I keep harping on this, because…well, the note has come due, harp, harp, harp…At this point the current slogan about making American great again gets a Bronx cheer. America (the US) will be lucky to survive at all. But the US has the opportunity to achieve greatness by leadership into the postcapitalist age.
Perhaps the current election is the swan song on the failure of America democracy.


Heil Heidegger

Red Fortyeight Group: now or never…

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