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24 hours later…gadanken done…reactivated virtual commies unite…

March 4th, 2016 · No Comments

Perhaps this post was a curve ball: we are in critical mode facing a crisis that requires what communism pointed to: the transition of postcapitalism. But unfortunately far too many leftists, even marxists, haven’t really created a program that can be examined by those who see the handwriting on the wall.

The cadres in existence now would be in capable of leading a communist movement, and it would be preyed on very quickly by ‘will to power’ types.
These problems are not insuperable, and the reality of time passed wipes the slate clean, to some extent.
We need
a new movement, something like the Redfortyeight Group (I am too old, but the matrix is useful)
a new critique of capitalism
a new take on economics
an entry point for religious, secular, multi-religious/cultural groups (as one goes along no doubt)
a generalized ideology/history of modernity instead of a narrow materialism
a full set of definitions/alternatives for socialism/(neo-)communism
a plan for either market socialism, ad hoc socialism, pure socialism/communism
and electoral/revolutionary project stat
a consideration of transnational objectives: the american election fails to include the proletariats who produce its commodity fetishes….

Such a project must divorce the past, yet be faithful to the core of the legacy…

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