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Electoral communism?

March 4th, 2016 · No Comments

The public is ready for neo-communism if it is ready for Sanders as a socialist, almost…It should be competing in the electoral process, the revolutionary option not necessarily renounced, on every from Social Democratic/Socialism to neo-Communist. If Americans become hysterical at the mention of ‘communism’ it is because the marxist left has been frozen and is unable to frame their argument. The sales pitch is brutally simple: capitalism has failed, a worse failure than communism…

A couple of things that won’t work:
you can’t mention Lenin, or bolshevism or have to explain or explain them away: new framework, pitch and presentation
it has to be clear from the start that something new is required: everything has to start from scratch
you can’t promote sterile materialism, atheism: a broad philosophic project is needed. An extended secular humanism if fine, but it can’t be new atheist crusade. We are out of time to argue over god.
the case for expropriation of private property at the level of industrial capital is easy to make in the current crisis
it is not hard in general to make the case for a new republic on a socialist to communism basis, given the current crisis
noone will listen, to start, but the tide is turning slowly, although we can see the fascists already have their own headstart…


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