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Platforms for neo-communism to enter the electoral sphere…

March 8th, 2016 · No Comments

The left needs to recreate the equivalent of what Marx/Engels created: a double electoral/revolutionary platform as this emerged in 1848 and matured/realized in the Second Internationale. That this working class party (we are talking about the German stream) entered higher Boobhood in 1914 and triggered the Leninist reaction shouldn’t forestall this approach, since both possibilities are embraced. But an electoral neo-communism with an open reserve program of revolutionary action at a point of terminally severe crisis should be out there NOW at a time when the Trumps are appealing to the working class, and Sanders has shown that groundswell socialism is a real option. A supercharged version with a comprehensive set of platforms that are current, non-boilerplate ‘marxism’ but distilling the gist into a new language and view of history, could out-appeal to the Trump crowd with populist offers on jobs, wages, education, minimum income, core city communes to fight the rent aristocracy in motion, rural versions, cooperatives, (small) industry, internationalization and platforms on immigration, more,.. and finally a core social democratic starting point pointing openly to a neo-communist platform of the expropriation of the large-scale industrial realm. This would have to begin with some kind of market socialism, and would bide its time for a larger realization at the level of constitutional refoundation or revolutionary transition.
But marxist world has to bit the bullet on the dogmatism of its archaic program.
It needs:
a new world history
a post-Iron Cage perspective on values, volition, ethics, religion, philosophy, dialectic and secularism. Kantian ethical socialism was a gift dropped into the lap of the Second Internationale but it was totally ignored as bad theory, bad dialectic, dogmatic reductionism, darwinian ideology, and positivistic fundamentalism took over. How did marxism end up in such an unlucky combination?

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