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Red Fortyeight Group: the revolutionary prophecy of the onset of planetary crisis…

March 15th, 2016 · 3 Comments


I have done enough for the moment on the issue of evolution/revolution. Last and First Men has been rehashed here enough. http://darwiniana.com/?s=Last+and+first+men

We completed the ‘dialectical’ exercise of the electoral neo-communist route, cute but important, but at this point we need a new neo-coomunist left as a self-defense toward what is going to happen when the full crisis comes.
We are generally critical of the history of the left since the 1840’s, but the time is approaching when the fall of communism in 1989 will seem like a mistake, however dreadful the reality of bolshevism.

But if we examine the history of the left since the early nineteenth century we see the emergence of a prophetic revolutionary futurism that moved beyond its own theoretical base to what in retrospect was a kind of emergency action with a breakthrough opportunity given WWI to establish a workable crisis center, the bolshevik option being a confusingly undesirable outcome, but in retrospect….
Sadly bolshevism couldn’t figure the issue of the coming crisis, but it was something in place, we can see the overall game plan which most confusingly springs with a misleading materialist ideology from some kind of spiritual source which could see the coming crisis already in the period just after the Industrial Revolution. I think J.G.Bennett stumbled on it, but was muffling at the mouth in the reactionary circles of sufis he ran with. I think Bennett was right in thinking an unknown category of ‘demiurgic powers’ was in play, although he bungled the defining terms.
Leftist materialists were given a strange cover for a spiritual operation that divorced itself from all previous religious groups. The luck of the Bolsheviks was always a mystery.

Whatever the case, a corrected crisis revolutionary track is easily indicated as the legacy of the second internationale/bolshevik crisis platform initiative. Now we have to start over very late in the day. I have suggested ‘backflip marxism 2.0’, a core recreated for a new context, starting in the 1840’s core before it accretions. It hardly matters: de-dogmatizing is the single best option, and we are out of time to tinker with the legacy. A simple declaration that it is not a religion is enough.
I recall in the early nineties reading the Osho Book: Communism: Zen Wind Zen Fire with the ‘guru’ author pleading with Gorbachev to not take the irreversible step…

The electoral path should start at once, but we should probably face the fact that the dialectical complement is the only real option, assuming it is still an option at all.

Then, a maddening political scramble will ensue to find some way, shape, or form to come to grips with the planet’s rapidly collapsing ecosystem, as angry mobs roam the countryside to hunt down climate change liars to tar and feather. Still, by the time these overwhelmingly large massive bodies of enraged mobs do their dirty work, most of the planet will mirror the dystopian image projected by Mad Max: Fury Road (Warner Bros. 2015). They’ll fit right into the script.

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