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Is it really possible ‘demiurgic powers’ induced the communist futurism of the early nineteenth century?

March 16th, 2016 · No Comments

Answer is simple: we don’t know. I will simply say I have always suspected as much. But the issue is hard to analyze, and is best taken with skepticism. But it is important to consider how such entities would act: did they act in one temporal interval at the start? The issue is important because the evidence to me suggests yes to the question: demiurgic powers have immense powers of will but would create a context for human realization. The point is we can’t justify the whole legacy of marxism, bolshevism, etc, as some kind of crypto-spiritual initiative. We must critique the humanly created result.
Nonetheless, we have to understand the desperation factor of spiritual powers who foresaw what we see now in great alarm: they would have applied (I speculate) a different ethical standard: that of crisis survival. This does not justify but helps us to understand the ethical arctic of the bolshevik phase.

In any case, we can’t mediate this hypothesis save to warn the materialist left that their philosophic perspective is too limited. And I think, despite the failure of bolshevism that we aren’t done with the legacy emerging so powerfully in the 1840’s, including the Bakunin/Marx/Internationale(s) up through the second internationale and bolshevism.

First, our doom scenarios were just that. The first question is what is the real status of the climate catastrophe and is any remedy possible? We should use crisis for revolutionary justification, but we should be pursuing socialism/neo-communism on its own terms.
We have suffered a huge loss with the fall of the Russian experiment, however gross its limitations. We must simply start over, and I think we should be prepared to upgrade the classic legacy. We can’t afford another failure and need a flexible upgrade of the marxist canon. We have talked about that here.



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