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Communism Lite for readers of Commentary

March 19th, 2016 · No Comments


Times have changed indeed. As recently as a decade ago this kind of piece from Commentary (I recommend reading it, almost a mechanical ball pitcher for batting practice) might have seemed Right On Americana, but even for a socialism-doubter times have changed. The reason is simple: nothing in the Bolshevik Horror Show can compare with what is coming on the climate front. We have to hope against hope that some technological fix is on the horizon, but even there the grim reality is setting in: capitalism is turning into a calamity, and what is worse, MAD AD brainwashers have completely wiped out the ability to understand simple crisis. Still, in the year 2016, we have had a whole presidential campaign with no discussion of climate change by conservatives. That is almost as scary as climate change itself. This situation could default to a civil war to make the Russian seem a picnic.

Try this for a rabbit’s foot: communism lite as a system to control, theoretically ‘own’, private capital at the legislative level, able to prevent capitalism from destroying a planet. You could hardly argue this if a planet is at stake. It doesn’t even abolish markets.

One thing is sure, it seems, the capitalism fanatics are going to go done with the ship (Jesus is coming and will save them) and so the evils of communism will perhaps come with the good, or perhaps not. We can see where communism went wrong. Now we can see where capitalism went wrong, so a new realism is inevitable.

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