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Israel’s right to exist, play it again…?? Next diaspora?

March 19th, 2016 · No Comments

The question of Israel is completely peculiar: Israelis have demanded the right to exist for Israel and then done everything one can imagine to spoil their opportunity. There is something strange here because Israelis have been the worst enemies of Israel. Noone else can compete with the systematic destruction of the jewish idea, which is dead at his point. Covenental Israelites in their homeland. What a piece of bullshit. Israel should have long since been a member of a federation of democratic republics, with normal states, rights, and secularization. This is still possible: Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria.

Just for the record: Jews have spent most of their history as exiles. Why the sudden exception in the brief period after 1948? Must be an historical anomaly, statistically improbable. Jews have always fared better as gremlins of the Diaspora, stateless vagrants. Netanyahu is a Kazarian, probable illegal immigrant, and should be deported. Ditto, et al, etc…Otherwise I would recommend a neo-communist federation of post-capitalist secularized states dealing with the climate crisis about to make parts thereabout uninhabitable.
Jewish existence in the middle east has been a disaster, so whoever has the next move needs to think of something better. The US has invaded every other country in the middle east, for profit. Why not invade Israel and set up the federation?

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