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Cuba and experiments in post-capitalist economic systems

March 21st, 2016 · No Comments

The US and its capitalist mafia allows noone any middle ground: democracy, freedom, and rights means in effect ‘all or nothing’: US corporate oligarchy or nothing. And Cuba has amazingly chosen nothing. Lost in the shuffle has been a fifty year opportunity to try to devise a neo-communist system, or else a mixed system, or a ‘market socialism’ on a small scale. These could have been contributions to the future of humanity. The US should have had the wisdom to try and see into its own future with this. Cuba in any case has produced a stable economic plateau, for better or for worse, as a sustainable breakthrough experiment, however easy to cavil. What a lost opportunity.
The capitalists trumpet freedom to the Cubans: but look at the reality: americans are NOT free from the mass brainwashing of the economic system of domination and can’t even grasp the reality of climate change or what capitalism is doing… they are as good as dead from capitalism…

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