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Mrs. Hilary: I could never vote for such a disgusting lickspittle visible in this AIPAC speech giving cover to Israeli gangsters

March 21st, 2016 · No Comments


We don’t even need this kind of phony piety on the issue of Israel. It ought to standard politics to criticize what Isreal is, has done, and what it controls, and how. And the question has destroyed american politics, so much for sentimentalities about jews in their homeland. That’s bullshit at this point, and has almost in addition destroyed the middle east. If Israel were a democracy and benevolent in its basic orientation, that would be one thing, but the evidence is strong Mossad was linked to 9/11 next to the CIA: that’s just off the meter and turns Clinton into an accessory to these covert agency gangsters (also in league with Saudi Arabia, no doubt).

American politics has to be able to have an open discussion on the question of Israel.

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