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I paper airplane my agenda in the Jacobin direction…a waste of time, no doubt…

March 22nd, 2016 · No Comments


We should be kinder to Jacobin here, despite a genuine resentment at being ignored, because it has an inkling on the need to redo marxism. But in the end the old dogmas are going to win out unless someone can produce some real innovation.
In fact, Last and First Men tried such innovation, but it has been systematically ignored. But what’s also happening is that the left is being systematically ignored, because classic marxism simply won’t sell. Fancy artwork at Jacobin isn’t enough, but I would grant some interesting perspectives from that source.

Here are some indications of what I think is needed:

I, for one, am talking about neo-communism, not socialism…
a new view of history
something intelligent on the ‘end of history’ propaganda
out the window with junk dialectic, dialectical materialism
a new attempt to understand ‘real democracy’ in the context of bourgeois revolution
a critique of darwinism
a world view that can deal with postdarwinism
something better than historical materialism, i.e. economic determinism (and a stop to denials that marxism is economic determinism)
some understanding of the idea of freedom in man, history, and social change
a broader Kantian take on materialism/idealism
a trial view of teleology, perhaps using transcendental idealism
some understanding (or critique) of the Reformation, Munzerian xtianity
some understanding (or critique, not bullshit) of buddhist range spiritual movements
less emphasis on Marx’s obsolete theories
Capital to cement block status: focus on 1840’s (highly debatable)

A marxist communism has to break with the past and almost reinvent the whole subject…

there is a lot more here…

With a title like ‘Jacobin’ they would probably mean to murder people like me. Beat you to the draw, already on my ‘general liquidation sequence‘ list.

You know what, I am better off being publically ignored, especially since I am not unpublically ignored. We get a third to one half of the traffic at Jacobin, it seems.

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