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Islam at a crossroads and the titling at windmills of the ‘Caliphate’ restoration fanatics

March 24th, 2016 · No Comments


My point here is a little different; the Islamic world confronted with the West has my sympathy along with an expression of the need to forestall western imperialism, and covert operations, especially with respect to Israel.

But to me the strategy of religious jihad plays into the hands of the western imperialists. Moslems are in an alarming situation: ‘history’ at this point will not really support attempts to use religious conceptual war to fight the imperialist tactics.
Moslems need to secularize, which is not atheism, but the perspective that in the broader course of world history Islam is fated to pass into something like what happened to Xtianity. Probably it will pass away, and Xtianity is about to do that, like it or not. You can protest that, and a host of radical moslems do just that, but the strategy of the Caliphate is downright archaic. It is not going to happen. Applied to Europe in the immigration crisis, it will only produce chaos.
There is no reason an ‘Islamic Reformation’ style of renewed Islam can’t do the job here. Turkey seems to have had a handfull of such ‘re-formations’, although a regressive confusion seems to have taken hold. I don’t know.

I used to speak about ‘Islamic Reformation’, but now I wouldn’t recommend it. It is already underway: the real question is to find a real conclusion to it, and I think that is an exit strategy into modernity. I should note that the suburbs of New Jersey and elsewhere have dozens of thriving Islamic communities who have solved this problem, on the level of the manifold variants of just such entities, but Xtian. So there is no need for religious dispersion.
But I think the crisis is moving beyond that. Islamic cultures need a more aggressively ‘secular’ brand that can help that withstand aggressive imperialism. The point was clear to Ataturk, so why we have regressed from that point, is not clear. I am no particular proponent of Ataturk, but he seized the moment, and with great success. In general, Moslems are not confronting secularism so much as the fake Islam restored after their close proximity to secularization in the nineteenth century. We are not talking so much about traditionalism as regression. Maybe I am overdoing that point. In any case the jihad scene is hopelessly confusing, because we can’t sort out what is real Islam from the fakes created as patsies by the covert agencies.
Moslems would do well to ditch traditionalism and adopt a brand of modernism.
Who cares about the Islam of 700 BCE to 1500 BCE. It is not going to take over the world for god. That’s over. And yet we seem to see the last ditch efforts even now. A lot of those are fake, and we need some real information about what is really going on.

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