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Update//Hinayana, Gautama, the Axial Age: expropriating the expropriators // a lifeboat buddhism

March 25th, 2016 · 1 Comment

Post rewritten: http://darwiniana.com/2016/03/26/further-update-to-hinayana-gautama-the-axial-age-expropriating-the-expropriators/

Update: This post needs to be challenged and then sidelined: it is a dialectical exercise that wouldn’t make any sense at first and can’t really make factual statements about early buddhism, and it is really about modern new age movements, many of which are corrupt after the fashion stated. But watch out: Tibetan Buddhism is a fully statist brand for which our marxist jargon could suddenly apply all too well. more later perhaps.
I am moving this post so I can put it in the right context….
Here again I need to reflect on the issue, but I have an idea for you on a related question: you have listeed multiple links here to the (I forget!) Hinayana website. My current critiques of buddhism at The Gurdjieff Con suggest the need for a life-boat buddhism:

How would you create a distillation (for commies) of the first stage of buddhism for the future freed of its references to the particular Gautama cult, save as history?

If you examine my take on the Axial Age you will see that Gautama’s ‘religion’ is really a public domain offering, based on its proto-secularization of hinduism, AND its basis in the macro-generation of the Axial period: what is the status of such a ‘local’ entity in the larger sphere of globalization?
Gautama effectively stole the ‘santana dharma’, save that, in the larger context of the Axial Age, the whole thing was macro generated (at its start), which raises the question, was Gautama’s ‘enlightenment’ real or macro generated? In any case the hidden bias lurks in the ‘class’ basis for this royalist (later crypto-fascist) and his expropriation…
This might seem crackpot til you consider that Gautama might have been, like Mahavir, a conqueror, and a proto-capitalist in the traffic of souls and conscious energies, a proto-factory for spiritual energy extraction. A really sneaky villain?

Here’ one way the game is reflecting in a distorting mirror, but what is the reality: Sending that many into a battle with the Demon Mara in a game with hidden rules seems to be suspicious: the immense number of failures can be predicted and will make a nice profit…as fodder…
Expropriate the expropriators: the modern period perhaps on the left could regenerate this Axial phantasm, as an expropriation of the expropriators…

Meanwhile what is a good ‘cash and carry’ distillation of the Hinayana legacy/manuscipts?

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  • 1 NK // Mar 25, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    This is easier with the rise of the Internet. In one way, the proliferation of false paths is an advantage; it gathers the pretenders into groups which allows you to practice alone unhindered if you have a discerning mind. The beans have already been spilled on the ins and outs of the path if you know where to look; Google and the internet have led to decentralization.

    Honestly, I don’t know how to scale my particular situation. In many ways, my advantages here are innate. I’m wired to avoid groups, pop movements, etc. and don’t trust popular positions or popular counterpositions on any topic. I’m something of an ideological atheist and am open to the possibility that people may be right for the wrong reasons. For this reason, I can gather bits of truth that I see and then transcend these false dialectical seesaws that most people seem to succumb to. It’s an intuitive sense so I honestly have no idea what advice to give to other people.

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