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Facing reality: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Israel are finished: toward a rational endgame

March 27th, 2016 · No Comments

The crisis of Islam in Europe is dreadful but until we know to what extent ISIS is an invention of Mossad/CIA our moral indignation will ring shallow. We MUST find out the extent of the false-flag phenomenon.
But beyond that I think that Moslems need to move as soon as possible toward a secularization of Islam. The same stands for Christianity, Judaism, but the latter two are virtually dead while Islam is just slightly behind them. A secular movement is not an atheist movement, and what is required is to see that in the larger context of world history the religions of the Axial Age have no final future. The point is to reach the stage at which this is no longer a source of ‘fight to the finish’ stubbornness. You cannot defeat this because people are reaching nausea, about Islam, about Christanity, and Israel. You cannot refute nausea. I do not say this because of terrorism. Moslems are not really terrorists. 9/11 was a CIA conspiracy, Moslems are not at fault. The issue is something else. It is a secular argument of reason about religion and history, and the epoch of modernity to which we are all condemned.
The question of Israel is equally controversial. Israel in its modern form is one of the biggest abortions in world history. It is run by a mafia of Zionist/Mossad lunatics and gangsters and has led to much of the blowback response we see now. A nation state in this form cannot continue in this way. And I think the point is coming when Israelis as jews will ditch this monstrosity. Jews were mostly always transnationalists, a luxury like Israel could have been possible done with intelligence, but the result now is kookoo. Its inner integrity is gone, and it must sooner or later remorph into something else.
Americans who support Israel in its deparavity are as culpable as terrorists, and are in some ways worse, because they are more dangerously armed and powerful.
Israel died the moment Israelis constructed the grotesque and disgusting wall. In fact the West Bank rape was the earlier endgame. The seeds of failure were sown from the start.

This is not a question of the freedom of religion: we assume that, and that is the basis of modernity. The issue is the realization of the larger passing away of the religions of an earlier epoch. This process is happening whether we like it or not for the same reason that belief in the resurrection is doomed, passing away, and becoming vestigial.

I would say in passing that the new atheists have confused the issue. Modernity is not a Dawkins cult, or a darwinian religion. Modernity is already creating its own failures, but this has nothing as such to do with the passing of ancient religions. This is not against religion, as such.

I think moslems are the ones at risk here: I recommend moving past this religion for reasons having nothing to do as such with Isis and the current hysteria over terrorism. I think rather a secularization of Islam could help moslems defend themselves against the US and Israel. It is the core of Islam that is at fault at this point, just as with Christianity. Judaism never had a covenant with God. Jesus Christ was never the savior of anyone, and the prophet Mohamed, while a remarkable mystery, was not really a prophet of god. It was hubris to think so, and behind that a gnostic conspiracy from esoteric agents now long gone. Christians fought over their issues for a century and then quit. Moslems can fight for another century, and then quit. Do it today.

A stylized reformation Islam of cogency, aesthetic elegance, and practical secular framing could easily produce something better than what is now the case. The quest for a Caliphate is crazy, think of those innocents who will be killed for that. Who cares, forget it. Sufis were the first to realize this and most simply threw the Koran away, a foolish book. The Old and New Testaments are documents of such confusion we can barely use them anymore. They no longer make sense to most people, and destroy ‘faith’ on the spot.

As for Israel, the ‘folks there’ could emigrate to Brooklyn and open delicatessens. Either way, the final grade for Israel can’t be an F, that would be too fair.

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