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Blogbook notes…The crisis of the capitalist/climate endgame

March 30th, 2016 · No Comments

Producing a book via a blog is inefficient, but we can keep floating the idea here (actually Last and First Men is one version of the book in question) the basic issue in the material indicated is to look at a way to recast a marxist legacy so that it is more intelligible to the larger audience conforming to democratic archetypes. And in a larger context the issue of revolution is that of looking at the coming left/right ‘revolutions’ as competing tyrannies, a political morass, after all that is in part what happened with bolshevism. In many ways the ‘end of history’ argument has been a calamity contributing to the current developing horror. We need to expose it (consider Last and First Men), but at the same time the tendency toward total rejection of liberal core values is unrealistic. The Second Internationale was a winner in Tsarist Russia with no legacy of democracy at all. But in the current crisis a revolutionary option would never succeed in the now antiquated format of the early marxists there.
But at some point the opportunity is going to arrive on the left in countries such as the US.
Our generalized idea is to note how ‘revolution’, democratic in the early modern, is in the format ‘macro’ of the model of transitions, and this is reflected in the ‘micro’ phenomenon of ‘revolution’ studding the early modern.
So the suggestion here is for the left to do what it ended up doing, but doing it with some deliberation, in the early modern: creating not just postcapitalism, but a balanced social revolution reflecting the ‘modernist spectrum’ as a whole, but with a solution to the capitalist crisis, capitalism in many ways having hijacked modernity itself.

Whatever we think we must consider all the issues in advance, asap, since a totalitarian system on the right is already underway. At the least we need a system of self-defense against the potential result.
A combined democratic electoral postcapitalist system with a reserve revolutionary option can create an ideological superset of conventional marxism, being very careful not to unlearn the core lessons of that initiative.
We have suggested here that such a superset could be based on a more generalized historical perspective based on the kind of outline in World History and the Eonic Effect. If that is controversial its basic method of historical outline instead of theory is more than ample to create a practical variant of marxism. Materialism, idealism, who cares now: the key issues are economic systems, capitalist types, their class structure, and the suggested successors, taken with marxist insight and without marxist boilerplate.
This sounds like a concealed version of a a bourgeois revolution that would stall well before postcapitalism. Could be so, but a reference to the early modern could also refer to the reality that Munzer, for example, was the first modern communist at the dawn of the early modern. There is also the complex set of indications of the English Civil war. We can argue that the ‘democratic’ revolutions of the early modern were compromised from the start (e.g. the Restoration era, the American Revolution) with the Lockean bourgeois revolution. We can make this axiomatic without rejecting the core end of history imperative (amply present in early marxist talk of ‘real democracy’) that a communist successor to the bourgeois revolution must share much of the dna of the early modern spawn.
But if the crisis accelerates these issues could move to the background in a new game with new rules

1. The Crisis of Modernity
1.1 The question of the modern
1.2 The endgame of capitalism globalization
1.3 History and Revolution
1.4 The enigma of the Axial Age
1.5 A new model of history

2.Out of Revolution
2.1 The modern transition
2.2 The dialectic of capitalism
2.3 1848: the prophetic year
2.4 Marxist shibboleths
2.5 Leninist interlude

3. Once and Future Communism
3.1 Last Men and their smartphones
3.2 The ends of history
3.3 The profit in downfall
3.4 Floating fourth turning points
3.5 Neo-communist manifestos
– See more at: http://darwiniana.com/2015/10/20/new-blogbook-crisis-of-modernity/#sthash.CDWe1Mek.dpuf

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