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Panhandling NK…//also, the realm of Big Science on evolution is almost pathetic, I routinely shake my head in disbelief

April 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

nemo // Apr 2, 2016 at 9:22 am

Actually your financial confessions seem to me completely providential: I should ask for a donation to help with my debts, ca. 20K. Clearly you can afford this! I have sacrificed financial security for public service. You could help here with what is a panhandler’s amount to you. You could pay one of my relatives, anonymously via third party, and I would never touch the money. Consider it!
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I challenged NK, who astonished me with his confession to being a millionaire: these situations are rarely coincidence. I think he could help out here with a donation erasing my debts, many of them compounded via credit card debt purchasing relevant books at Amazon…this is panhandling, and I have experience here: you give away money under no conditions to a complete stranger, no questions asked, no strings attached…here to the tune of 20K. Chump change for a millionaire. And NK is approaching the ‘forest philosopher’/buddhist begging bowl stage of the ‘path’, liquidating assets will have to occur at some point…just helping out…

I deserve a break here. I have worked hard for two and half decades with almost no resources. From that I have produced a solution to the ‘evolution’ mystery in World History and the Eonic Effect, which I wrote in the period 1995 to 2000 with no money at all, a stack entry card for graduates to the Columbia stacks, and sufficient carfare, usually, to go down to Barnes and Nobles to speed read books for free. The original was almost solipsistic, and didn’t gel until the fourth edition by which time I had reached 65, with $350 monthly. After that I have produced three more books, again with almost no money. My finances are a little more complex that said: I get two stipends, one social security, both around $750 a month, food stamps, with a place to live (rent and utilities, plus car expenses). An enviable situation to get some work done.

This situation shows clearly the massive game board advantage of working outside the system. The realm of Big Science on evolution is almost pathetic, I routinely shake my head in disbelief. With no money, and no contacts among scientists, I have left them in the dust, plus a lot of credit card debt…

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