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Red Fortyeight Group: market communism as the minimum expropriation of large-scale global capital…can the GI ranks be turned into revolutionaries?

April 3rd, 2016 · 2 Comments



Our blog book is an open matrix that others can versionize/complete, or turn into a set of notes. I am also producing an actual book, but the time is here for practical movements. Unfortunately, I am not sure I am personally able to do any of this, due to age, lack of resources, etc…: no problem, like the ‘virtual church’ in Last and First Men, we can summon up, not churches, but movements of the Red Fortyeight Group. I claim without hype that this ongoing activity has, with many other sources, contributed to the change in the stance toward socialism that made Sanders possible. Whether that’s true or not acting ‘as if’ that is true will bring about further such social changes in the future.
Here yesterday’s idea of a ‘market communism’ is one avenue, always granting the demand of purists for a pure system of communism. But we have to face the fact that ‘market communism’ is a ‘giant league boot’ set of steps beyond ‘feel the Bern’ socialism in quotation marks. We need a system where large-scale industrial property reenters the Commons, and is subject to social/political control. We need to consider how this can come about. Climate change, if no techno fixes come along, is going to generate increasing panic, so we can’t predict the changes in consciousness that are on the way…
A few questions: this needs a military branch. Where will we find one? Can we ‘flip’ the american military? I lived with Vietnam vets in the wilds of the American West. These were once honorable heroes often in a state of degradation, drunken hoboism, and the later efforts to fix the volunteers of the Vietnam era into bribed ‘morons of the system’ looks like it was successful on the surface, but I have suspect they are still the hobo discontents I met so often. They can respond to ideological subversion because they are basically more intelligent than they system they have been programmed into….

So there’s the possible military…GI’s…

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  • 1 Jim Buck // Apr 4, 2016 at 6:24 am

    The welfare state in Great Britain came about because the Establishment believed it was confronted, in 1945, with a militarily-trained proletariat whose consciousness had been raised to revolutionary levels. That, in fact, proved not to be the case; but history may repeat itself first as tragedy then as force.

  • 2 nemo // Apr 4, 2016 at 9:59 am

    I am spinning multiple dialectical possibilities in the context of climate calamity: the minimal system of communism with control of industrial capital is one of them

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