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Plot to ‘steal’ Weikart’s new book…

April 5th, 2016 · No Comments


Weikart has a very good book on Hitler and Darwinism, which secularists detest, and here he has a new text on issues that the left should consider. Reductionist scientism has derailed and the old marxist left was one of the first here, and the basic issue of real humanism has fragmented with parts of the result stuck in Bible Belt limbo.
Unfortunately, the issue of abortion has entered to wreck everything.

The issue of abortion is one of the puzzles of the right. The right has absolutely no respect for life and is a dangerous mafia of lunatics with captive christian idiots like Weikart giving them holy cover with pious platitudes. But the core concern is vital, however confused the issue of abortion.

I think the solution is not hard to find: it is a classic Kantian question. We can and must honor life, in the realm of life, but we cannot presume to know what is beyond life. We cannot with imbecilic consistency declare spiritual or material dogmas to the unborn: they still belong to an unknown realm. To say otherwise in a world of nine billion people is lunacy: something has gone wrong in your thinking, and this is ditto ditto ditto for the popes whose presumption to speak for God is grotesque.

This book to me is instant public domain and I reserve the right to rewrite the whole (important) document according secularist thinking…The core issues deserve this, in a book fated to be part of the Bible Belt boilerplate realm.

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