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Red Fortyeight Group: emergency theoretical solutions to the left spectrum ideologies

April 6th, 2016 · No Comments


We have spun a whole series of resolutions of a ‘postmarxist’ corpus, with the basics rules that the result should recast the legacy but not betray it. There is one range of compromises, if not betrayals, and ‘market communism’ was the latest to trot down the pike.

We can propose an almost extravagant variant, market communism, a palace revolt or coup d’etat inside the White House: a market communist solution carried out by the dot gov with authority of the commander-in-chief using the American military. This would require a clear public statement of principles and a set of studies of what has to go: if the covert agencies are corrupt, how do we deal with them? If the dot.gov is pervaded by criminals, how will they be brought to justice.

A next variant requires a genuine revolution and this is not so remote as one might think: once the public grasps the criminality of the 9/11 conspiracy, and the whole docket of charges of a criminal government the inevitability of revolution, as enjoined by the Founding Fathers, will become clearer.

But a program must be presented that is clear. The call for ‘democracy’ must be satisfied yet critiqued: our problem, from a semi-marxist perspective is that democracy is what we have and that failed. The ‘end of history’ dynamic must nonetheless be sastisfied with a ‘real democracy converging on communism’ and a ‘real communism converging on democracy’.

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