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Danger of sitting on Second Internationale laurels

April 7th, 2016 · No Comments


The chances of real change beyond capitalism seem impossibly remote, but the strategy and the group to carry it out needs to come into existence anyway. The Second Iinternationale was ready, and the opportunity came.
But the current radical left is not ready, and cannot use the same framework as the Second Internationale and its marxism. A simple restatement that creates a continuity/discontinuity can work, but a larger ‘new edition’ is needed, right away.

The result must examine the issue of bolshevism, and disown it, without falling into anti-communist cliches.
One overwhelming change in the debate has rapidly come about: bolshevism suggested the failure of communism, but the current social situation shows, even without the calamity of climate change, that capitalism has failed, in a far worse fashion that anything in the case of bolshevism.

It could be that geoengineering could save the day, but even in that case the world system is ready for postcapitalism. And this was prophesied from the start. And the prophecy is now born out.

Let us note that the American political system is a criminal enterprise, has corrupted democracy with an immense set of artificial wars and false flag ops. It is therefore under indictment even without the issue of climate change.
Beyond the basic indictment the classic marxist analysis (without its baggage of theories) applies to a tee: the neo-liberal endgame is the source of an immense number of failings in a spectrum all the way to crimes, and the conclusion is that revolutionary change of government alone is the solution.

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