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So, is the pseudo-radical Pope going to excommunicate the Munzerian xtians? The Catholic church will never a force for real change

April 8th, 2016 · No Comments


The idea of a communist xtianity was one of the original forms of the Reformation, but that crew was murdered early on. The Catholic Church has always, with almost irrelevant exceptions, been reactionary.
In general it would be nice to have an xtian radical/revolutionary left, but it won’t work. The psychological and occult warfare behind these things will be destructive to leftists, but there is no reason why xtians as they are can’t create such a church in association with a more secular left. That happened before, with such groups as the abolitionists…

If the Pope wants to be radical he should abolish the Papacy.

The pope turned Naomi Klein into an idiot, he will do the same to Sanders….
Before getting caught up in the Papal hype, consider that after all the efforts of activist change, the Catholic church is still stuck on every issue of political change, from gay issues to abortion, to birth control…the amount of damage done by this grotesque church is incalculable… The Pope isn’t even trying to do anything here.


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