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Marxist fantasies about the working class…

April 11th, 2016 · No Comments


The class analysis of marxists is flawed: it posits a special place for the ‘working class’, but is the reality what marxists claim. I am a part of the working class so it is no class animus to conclude the working class, now a lot of whom are Trump followers, is never going to be a vanguard of revolutionary socialism. At all points the working class has defaulted on this task predicted of them.
It should not be occasion for either surprise or recrimination. The confusion arose from the analysis of the French Revolution, with a correct analysis of the way the working class and the grades of the bourgeoisie interacted. But the conclusion to make the working class the fulcrum was probably misguided. It applied an abstraction to a group of people who could never match the theory in practice. The analysis does accurately warn against class betrayal. Look at Munzer versus Luther. But the solution is not to divide the working class against all others but to consider a Universal Class, with the working class as a possible dominant subset, but in our own times with its working class displaced to offshore industrial fiefs, not even that much. The working class is a bunch of brainwashed idiots reduced by Madison Avenue mind control to a passive subclass of confused and unhappy class derelicts. And the unionized working class that we see is in no sense a revolutionary class. Look at the UAW, upside fat cats who wouldn’t spit in the direction of revolutionary consciousness. Something was wrong in the original analysis.

We can’t produce a theory of the working class. Instead we must do things the way successful revolutions have always done: create a membership of allied classes acting according to defined principles, democratic, socialist, communist. It is unbelievable that marxists threw away such a simple principle for an abstract theory of the working class in terms of historical materialism. Clearly the theory doesn’t work, and the result among bolsheviks was another form of the bourgeoisie depriving the working class of its basic rights.

We need a new postmarxist ideology that edits out its multiple failed aspects and focusses on the practical way to stage a transition to postcapitalsim. I hope not, but I fear the whole marxist canon is going to be a bad porridge. We must start over at the beginning and not get distracted by second rate marxist theories…

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