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The ‘Old Testament’ of the marxist prophets…now onto the ‘New’

April 12th, 2016 · No Comments


We commented on this site yesterday. But prospects for revolution are not good, on the evidence of the Sanders campaign. Times have changed since 2007, and we see that a socialist perspective is there on the evidence of figures like Sanders, but the evidence is misleading: The larger perspective of marxism isn’t advancing at all: Sanders is a desperate measure via the system as is. The larger perspective of marxism has stalled any revolutionary project, the reason I constantly over and over point to the need for a new communism, one that is not so crippled as the marxist. We cited a link to Kautsky on Christianity, in some impatience. Based on historical materialism it is simply junk at this point. Historical materialism has gotten history all wrong.

I recomend that Marx/Engels be declared Old Testament prophets for the left, while a ‘New Testament’ be created that can take a broader perspective. We do not have to compromise with religion, nor cater to superstition to see that historical materialism is itself a superstition.
All we need is a simple version of its economic critique of history, without the theories. The theory is brilliant Marx, but wrong, and no pleading with the public or constant repetition will serve any purpose. The whole game is stalled.
So, pace Last and First Men we have proposed

a core legacy of marxism taken strictly as inspirational history, without the fake science, without the rejection of ethical man, without the (falsely denied) economic determinism.

What is need is not a revolutionary theory (leastwise the stupid misuse of dialectic there) but a revolutionary script. That’s what the revolutionaries had at all times until marxists forced a theory of history, economics, and revolution on the simpler clarity of a ‘plan of action’ as revolution. The whole game was lost as Marx got into longwinded attempts to match scientism and economic fundamentalism into a causal theory with no free agents, and a rejection of teleology that actually tried to slip it back in.

It won’t work. All these marxist websites are stuck in a groove and in the way.
What is needed is a rejection of theories, but with such things in the background
A critique of capitalism, a script of revolution, and a practical version of constitutional communism that has a workable economy, an embedded democracy, and a social outcome that does justice to the modern transition, in a creation of a culture in diversity, not a one-party dictatorship.
It can be based on the idea of a Universal Class.
It can move via ‘market communism’ to a full version, or…

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