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From Sandernistas to electoral market communist cadres able to ready for the coming calamity…

April 13th, 2016 · 1 Comment

We can sketch below our own version of the kind of legacy marxism found here: http://socialistappeal.org/news-analysis/editorials/1723-reformism-revolution-and-the-crisis-of-us-capitalism.html

The history of socialism is inspiring but we need a clean break with the past with a formulation that appeals to a new generation: Sanders has shown that the current generation is responsive to a degree that would have seemed surprising a few decades ago.
We can resurface our brief consideration of the forms of ‘market communism’ or neo-communism, freshly defined and with a possible revolutionary potential carried as the emerging crisis unfolds as an alternate/failsafe or ‘better realization’. This is the same strategy that Marx/Engels adopted after 1848, and we should recreate from scratch the whole core in a new legacy.

Market communism is legal, while revolutionary communism is not. We can mediate the electoral route as a medium of discussion, hopefully a realistic project for the Sanders/OWS contingents, who tend to be neutralized by anarchist leadership and a clear paralysis given the failures of bolshevism. The latter should be clearly disowned as a new initiative speaks to the rising desperation that the current capitalism is heading over a cliff with noone able to apply a political remedy. The American right is in an extraordinary state of denial and ideological rigor mortis. Even the main event of a global conference on climate change fudged their inspired words with a clever betrayal. Enough is enough with conventional politics, save that we should dialectically embrace an electoral/revolutionary path with a radical new form of attempted postcapitalist organization/politics starting at the level of political parties.
This is seemingly a hard sell, but the initiative can start with very strong exposure of the ideological fixations current, and the almost zombie-like state of capitalist agents and their political fronts.
The basic indictment is extraordinary for the US especially:

imperialist background and manufactured wars
wars created for economic corporate interests
a long history of particulars here
cancerating covert agency coup d’etat of de facto government
legacy of covert assassination at home and abroad, JFK, etc…
documented involvement of government in drug trade and the destruction of whole sectors of its own population with such criminal conspiracies
multiple false flag ops with the documentable case of the 9/11 conspiracy
capture of government by economic interests: standard marxist critiques

These charges are so extraordinary in an incomplete list that we have the basis, given the means to communicate to a controlled population, for an ample political market neo-communism whose platform is
electoral reform
abolition of monied manipulation of politicians
restriction of flight of capital
proper payment of tax revenue
release from the tyranny of privatization
creation of a national on the way to a transnational political movement
demands for the expropriation of all large-scale industrial capital, at home, and abroad
possible compromise transition via a set of ‘market communist’ economic hacks that can mediate the onset of new planning factors
ample free reign finally for climate action solutions that work
along with a controversial but finally inevitable population control programs to be defined/debated

The prospect of a planet going down the tubes and noone able to act is grounds for a moderated electoral to revolutionary transition, etc…
This political initiative might be able to realize some form of geo-engineering as a solution to a crisis, otherwise we confront a calamity of a system out of control. This framework is likely to be a defensive measure against the already underway fascist takeover by hidden factions of the elite.

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