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American democracy, civilization is dead: market communism as a convergence track to a new civilization, the US as chief menace goes first…?

April 14th, 2016 · No Comments

Market socialism has been challenged many times, market communism has not: with a sort of haha, fooled ya’, we can start from scratch, even the weight of cliches that attend such subjects. We can start over with a series of simple programs for postcapitalist transition. We can have a combined electoral/revolutionary movement, but most of all a really ‘obnoxious’ public communication initiative that has all the benefits of terrorism without violence: time to scare the couch potatoes of America. And everyone else.

There is every possibility of making market communism work: the key issue is to establish control over the industrial apparatus of global capitalism and get it to stop destroying humanity. That is not as hard as it looks, necessarily. It is a question of the 10%/1%/.01%.
Market communism doesn’t have to be absolute. A cutoff or indifference level can allow a small scale economic diversity. But the basic status for industrialism is to revert to the Commons, along with all resources taken from the Commons and turned into private wealth. There would seem to be no other way, so the grim passage has to begin.
The viability of market communism wouldn’t be hard to establish, so the endless jargon wars can converge on experimental resolutions…

Some ideas…
This effort needs a new postmarxist reformulation
a foundation in a universal class, which can also mediate/organize the working and other classes
a one/many party of parties whose membership will be without property and strictly self-regulate and have no direct control of industrial/wealth: a legal system must become a balance of powers to regulate economies.
if such a system could take over the US it would provide a strong champion of a global system, which should be able to transcend economic collisions and move toward a mediated global system…

The Universal Class outnumbers both the working class, where that still exists, and obviously the 1%, so the issue is only the degree to which it has been brainwashed…

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