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In your face to Black Live Matters: I invite you to x-anything to a revolutionary neo-communist project…are you class enemies of the working class? Obviously not…

April 14th, 2016 · No Comments

I think the issue raised by Black Lives Matters is fixed in a curious oddity, but only if you are not black. There is every reason for an extended consideration of the issues of race, especially in the US with its distorted cultural base, particularly in the South, a region forever perverted by the history of slavery. It is an incurable cultural blackhole, and the stance of a group such as Black Lives Matters can certainly allow a parallel movement in concert with a movement of the Universal/working class. But it should be a question of concern to see how black culture has been partly brainwashed by its own leadership, much of which is really a part of the bourgeoisie. The mesmerization of black culture by two back-stabbers like the Clintons is a strong sign of cultural hypnosis.
This issue can be rendered a dead letter: the fate of the black center of gravity is that of the working class. Over and out. But the black bourgeoisie has fooled black culture once, they can generate a totally false class warfare over race. Blacks could end up being the cause of failure for the first socialist inkling (not actually socialist) in a century ( a false charge, but the perception must be leaving the racists chuckling)
Meanwhile, the preference for the likes of the Clintons who sold blacks down the river repeatedly shows a failure of communication…Dump these phony friends…There is something fishy here, what is it?

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