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Goodbye to Bernie… With the money squandered on a Bernie/prez campaign we could have had a start on a real revolutionary movement

April 16th, 2016 · No Comments

I have given some informational support here to the Sanders campaign. His meeting with the Pope is a signal to me, I am done. Win or lose, the Sanders campaign has been remarkable. If he wins, I am a class enemy ripe for a drone from the ?socialist WH. I bow out of the groupie mode on the ‘feel the Bern’ gang. So I have no place in any victory, and can only protest the waste in the possible failure.

The Sanders group needs to reflect on what, if anything, they have accomplished (they may still win the election). A year ago I was discussing radical solutions here, and then the Sanders campaign started and I was nowhere, losing half my traffic the day he announced. I don’t mind that so much (it happens a lot here in wildly gyrating stats, but what it symbolizes deserves reflection). A year later that traffic is drifting back, but a year has gone by, and in one month, the average temp has again shifted: (March was 1.07°C hotter across the globe, according to the JMA figures, while February was 1.04°C higher)

My website is not the issue, but the point I am making is the same one I made with the OWS: movement hijacked. The amount of money, organizational energy and membership associated with the Sanders movement could have gone to creating something desperately needed: a revolutionary movement to deal with the crisis of the planet. Instead all that is down the drain, as the anarchist thumb twiddlers revert to Chomsky veneration.

Still, it ain’t over til…, and the revelation is there that the money, membership and organization remains potential. How much money went down the drain here? two hundred million? or more?
To be fair, as I have pointed out many times, the further left is so drenched with marxist confusions that any such resources would produce no result. But….

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