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Revolutionary con game of the ‘marxist’ bourgeoisie/mafia // post title alarmist for a reason

April 16th, 2016 · No Comments


Socialist Appeal has a charming website and a reasonable pitch, but it is still too stuck in the marxist past:
we need a new core marxism recreated under a new label, with new groups not associated with anything that is outstanding from 1989.

The title to this post is alarmist, or shock treatment, but the assumption that conventional marxists represent the issues for humanity is a presumption at this point. Those who come from the outside simply assume that the record as it is represents the stance of marxist groups of all stripes. This includes:

1. the reasonable charge that the bolshevik party was a de facto rogue class of the bourgeoisie who seized control of ‘Capital’ for their own purposes in the name of the proletariat
2. this party steeped in marxist reductionism and scientism and contempt for ethics was abnormally ruthless, violent, and contemptuous of human nature, human soul factors, and human religion.
3. Leninist revolutionism used the proletarian language as a cover for their eventual coup d’etat..almost every socialist group opposed them and was eliminated…

This list goes on, but the point is that ‘marxists’ and ‘marxism’ are not helping communist state their message. We need a completely new formulation.

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